Yesterday I wrote a post on the lack of severe weather this year throughout the Midwest. I just wanted to follow up on a couple of points. First, a nice article from the NWS in Chicago that has some impressive facts. Here it is.

Lack of Severe Weather

Meteorological Spring 2021 featured an abnormal lack of severe weather, let alone thunderstorms. Here are some fast facts:

  • The only day on which severe weather was reported in northern Illinois was April 29. Typically, our area sees 9 days of severe weather or flash flooding by June 1.

  • No severe weather or flash flooding was reported during the entire month of May, which was the first time this has happened since 2002 and only the 14th time since 1950 (the year that National Weather Service storm report records date back to).

  • Chicago O'Hare has only reported thunder two times so far this year. Normally, thunder is reported on about 45 days per year.

  • NWS Chicago has issued 2 Severe Thunderstorm and 0 Tornado warnings so far this year, which is amongst the lowest totals across all 122 NWS forecast offices in the U.S..

  • The majority of severe weather in 2021 has remained in the Southern and Central United States.

Combined number of Severe Thunderstorm and Tornado Warnings issued by NWS Offices from January 1 to June 2, 2021. Plot courtesy of the Iowa Environmental Mesonet.