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We do have a little roller coaster ride to start the week in the Midwest. However, the fall chill is definitely going to dominate. To start the week we have a little trough in place, which has brought the big chill this weekend:

Temperatures will be cool Monday afternoon, but a little warmer than this weekend as the trough starts to pull away:

We'll have winds picking up out of the south as a ridge builds in the upper levels of the atmosphere ahead of our next storm:

Temperatures will climb into the 50s and 60s Tuesday afternoon as a result:

November 19th is around the average date when we stop seeing 60s in the Midwest so this could possibly be the warmest day for the rest of the year... time will tell.

A cold front will then move in late Tuesday into Wednesday and may bring some sprinkles or light rain to the area:

Colder air starts filing in and we'll cool down Wednesday afternoon:

It will get even colder then on Friday as this trough moves in:

And we're back down to this big chill Friday afternoon:

In general the pattern will remain cool for the remainder of the month:

Stay warm! RK. By the way, if you appreciate the site please consider a donation by clicking the link below. The future of TSwails is in your kind and caring hands. Roll weather...TS


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