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It's hot. It's humid. And it's dry. Here's a look at the precipitation totals from the last seven days in the Midwest:

In portions of Iowa and into Illinois... that white is ZERO precipitation. Nada. No rain. This coming week is going to continue to be hot, humid, and somewhat dry. There will be chances for showers and storms but rain will likely be scattered and not long lived.

Take a look at the precipitation total on the European model through Friday:

Those same spots with little to no rain seem to miss out again, with under a half an inch of precipitation.

Here's a look at the GFS through the same period as a comparison:

The GFS is more bullish, particularly with a system coming in on Friday. So I'd take it with a grain of salt being that far out. But even if this did come to fruition it would not be a drought busting week of rain.

There will be the chance for some rain Monday. A disturbance in the upper levels will lead to the potential for some scattered showers and storms.

Because of clouds and the chance for some rain temperatures will be slightly lower compared to Sunday. However, it will still be hot and humid:

Tuesday will be similar with temperatures back in the 80s and slightly higher humidity/moisture levels:

There will be the chance for a few storms in the evening:

Each day with the chances for rain we'll have to examine day by day. But as you can see the coverage isn't widespread and the storms don't seem to be very long lasting.

This seems to be a trend we will hold onto for a while with the Climate Prediction Center's outlook for the next week or two painting a summery, dry picture:

We'll continue to search for some real relief from the heat!



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