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A cold front brought in showers and storms Saturday and now humidity will drop for the remainder of the holiday weekend. However, the warmth will return.

Sunday will be nice with some clouds passing through. Temperatures will be running slightly below normal:

Humidity levels will be down, giving a little taste of fall:

Temperatures will be bumped up slightly for Labor Day under sunny skies:

Temperatures will continue to rise through the week, back into the 80s by Tuesday:

Humidity levels go back up too, toward some uncomfortable levels:

In the upper levels of the atmosphere we have a large area of high pressure that will lead to the warmth building over the next few days:

In this pattern there will be little to no precipitation through the week, as the jet stream (storm track) gets pushed to the north. As a result there won't be many large, organized storm systems coming through:

It doesn't look like much of this pattern will break and temperatures are expected to remain near and above normal over the next week or so:

The pattern looks to remain pretty quiet as well.


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