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We have some pretty great weather coming for Halloween -- allowing everyone to have their costumes on full display without heavy coats getting in the way.

Temperatures in the afternoon Monday will be running above normal by 5-7 degrees:

The average high temperature for Halloween is 56°. The warmest Halloween on record is 86° which happened in 1950. The coldest afternoon is 29° which happened in 1917.

2020 and 2016 had similar high temperatures, but if we get warmer than 66° in Cedar Rapids then it would be the warmest since 2008. Here's the last 20 years on record in Cedar Rapids:

Highs Lows

There will be some clouds in the morning and they'll start to clear out in the afternoon:

There won't be any precipitation, and Halloween day typically averages around 0.06" of precipitation.

There typically isn't much snow on Halloween, but three years ago we had snow on the 30th and 31st. The storm produced 3-7 inches of snow in parts of eastern Iowa into Illinois:

The most snow on Halloween ever:

Thankfully we're far from snow this year! And the weather will be pleasant in the evening as well.

Temperatures will be falling through the 50s for trick-or-treaters:

The average low temperature for November 1st is 35° and we'll just drop down to the upper 30s.

Enjoy the mild Halloween and stay safe!



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