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The new year won't start too different from how it ended. Clouds, fog, some drizzle and above freezing temperatures.

Monday will be another cloudy day to start with similar temperatures:

A strong storm system will move through the Midwest, but most of the local area will be locked into the rain Monday night through Tuesday:

Wintry mix and heavy snow will fall to the northwest on Tuesday:

As of Saturday night there are Winter Storm Watches in this region:

There's still some considerable uncertainty among the models but there will be some heavy snow with this storm. Here's the latest forecast from the National Weather Service out of Sioux Falls, SD:

You can see the large ranges in the forecast to show the uncertainty, too. Regardless, some cold air will come in behind this storm. By Wednesday we're back in the 30s:

And we're back in the 20s on Thursday:

Happy New Year!



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