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Nothing odd about the start to October so far. Temperatures will be near normal for the next few days and we have a cool snap at the end of the week. That will include the chance for frost, which tends to become more likely as we head through the month. The average first 32° temperature happens around October 7-11 in my local area.

Right now we are in a calm and comfortable stretch of weather. In the last week there has been no precipitation in the area:

When we extend that out to the last month there's still been a huge lack in rainfall across a lot of the area:

And over the next week we're not looking at picking up much:

The one chance for some rain will come Wednesday as a cold front moves through:

Prior to the front, temperatures will be near normal and then dip on down for the end of the week. Here's the trend for Cedar Rapids:

And the Quad Cities:

We're definitely keeping up with the fall spirit and the cooler air will lead to the leaves continuing to change across the area.

Stay spooky!



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