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December has started off like a lamb, but likely doesn't stay that way forever. The calm weather will continue for now with dry weather through much of the upcoming week.

Temperatures will be running above normal, as well. Average high temperatures this time of year are in the low to mid 30s. This will be achieved by the high pressure and sunny weather at the surface and upper level ridging (high pressure).

There will be on exception with a cool day on Sunday. Behind a weak disturbance Saturday night colder air will move in to end the weekend.

Temperatures will warm through the week. On Monday temperatures get a little warmer...

We inch up a little on Tuesday...

And temperatures will peak well above normal by Wednesday... which will be the warmest day of the week:

The weather takes a turn toward winter as we head into the end of the week. By Friday a storm will be moving through the Midwest and colder air will begin to move in:

There is some uncertainty still on the track of the storm, which will determine who gets rain or snow or both. Regardless, temperatures turn colder toward the middle of the month and the weather becomes more active.



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