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After a break from the rain, with perfect timing for the holiday, rain chances will be going up into the new week. And as I mentioned in my last post that's not a bad thing... we're in need of rain.

Monday will be hot and dry for most of the day. Temperatures will be slightly warmer than Sunday:

You'll also notice the humidity goes up a bit too:

A cold front will slowly move through the Upper Midwest and may trigger a few showers and storms late Monday in spots:

Tuesday will also be hot and humid:

Dew points:

The cold front will stall out/slowly move south Tuesday into Wednesday and bring additional showers and storms, particularly early Wednesday morning:

Right now it looks like the heavier rain falls in Minnesota and Wisconsin and falls apart some in Iowa, but we can hope the front maintains its strength and keeps the rain going over Iowa. There will be another chance for rain Friday into Saturday, which looks to bring more widespread rain:

Overall a summery and active week ahead as we head through the start of July. After that Friday/Saturday system temperatures may get knocked back some and trends point toward below normal temperatures:

So we may get a little break from the heat next week!



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