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We have been spoiled for much of November so far. Temperatures have been well above normal, but the party is coming to an end. Temperatures will still be above normal to end the weekend...

Tempertures will be around 10 degrees above normal, but much of the month have been around 15-20 degrees above normal. Check out the departures for the last week:

A storm system will begin to swing through on Monday and bring the chance for rain and colder temperatures.

There will be some light rain, mainly late Monday into early Tuesday.

This will usher in some much colder air for the rest of the week. Temperatures on Monday will be held back due to the clouds and rain:

Temperatures will be similar on Tuesday as a cold front approaches and sends down even colder air:

Wednesday will be a little chillier:

And then we have temperatures right around normal on Turkey Day:

Even colder air will arrive as we head into the rest of the week and the end of the month. The good new is travel is looking just fine ahead of the holiday!

Rebecca Kopelman


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