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Temperatures have been incredibly mild lately and the trend will persist for some time. Check out the high temperature departure for the last seven days:

Saturday was mild and rainy with up to a half an inch of water falling in some spots. Had it been cold enough we'd be talking 1-5"+ of white gold!

Sunday will be another day with temperatures running around 10 degrees above normal:

A cold front will swing through Sunday night into Monday and that may lead to a few flurries in the area:

This will lead to a brief cool down to start the week. Temperatures will be near and even slightly below normal on Monday:

But right back above normal on Tuesday:

And by Wednesday we're back to the 40s and even near 50 degree temperatures:

A big, strong ridge of high presssure will bring the warmth in once again.

This does not bode well for those who love the white gold!

Rebecca Kopelman


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