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Heavy rain fells Saturday morning across my local area leading to some of the highest totals we've seen in quite some time. The Cedar Rapids airport picked up three inches of rain, the most we've had in a single day since September of 2016. In the last 15 days we've only had 0.25" of rain and we've been falling behind for the year.

Here's the rainfall totals through 9 am Saturday:

Some additional rain fell after 9 am as well as some scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon/evening. The rain was very much so needed but was too much at once for a few places. With the recent dry weather the ground is unable to take in 3-5" of rain and flash flooding occurred in a few spots.

The crops got a good drink of water area wide which is good because we're in for another stretch of dry conditions. There may be a few showers and storms Tuesday, but it looks like the greater chances right now will be to our northeast:

The higher chances for rain will come with a stronger storm system on Friday.

But we have to talk about the storm that just came through. The cold front is ushering in cooler and drier air into the area. Temperatures are going to be lower on Sunday and running below normal for the first time in two weeks:

Humidity will be much lower, with dew points running around 20 degrees lower than Saturday - that's significant! It will feel nice and refreshing outside:

Humidity will remain low into Monday as well:

Temperatures will remain below normal as well:

Enjoy the break from the heat and humidity while it lasts..



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