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The first significant snow of the season for much of my local area came through Friday night into Saturday. Here's a look at the totals around Iowa:

The golden shovel award goes to Dubuque with the top total of 9.4". To put that in some perspective, Dubuque's average snowfall for the entire MONTH of December is 11.8". So almost a month's worth of snow that fell in a day. Here's a wider view of the storm system:

You can see the heavy bands that set up in central Iowa and far eastern Iowa into Wisconsin. Now the weather calms down, but settles into more December-like weather.

Temperatures will be below normal on Sunday with a mix of sun and clouds and due to the deep snowpack:

Temperatures will generally be in the 20s and 30s through the week. Snow will likely stick around for a few days as temperatures remain at/below freezing until Thursday:

The week ahead looks quiet right now with passing clouds here and there. A weak system will pass to the southwest of Iowa on Tuesday night into Wednesday. Otherwise not much going on in the Upper Midwest through Friday:

Stay warm!

OH and if you would like to receive a copy of Derecho 911 order by Sunday, December 13th at 1 pm CT to guarantee it's arrival by Christmas!

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