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Sunday was definitely a reminder of what March can do. Cold and windy - reminiscent of a late winter day. But... we may be seeing more signs of winter soon.

Temperatures will be below normal once again on Monday, even with sunshine:

By Tuesday we're back on the plus side with a south wind ahead of a cold front.

That front moves through and drops temperatures back down on Wednesday:

A clipper will move through the Midwest late Thursday. Here's a look at the track on Thursday on the European model:

And on the GFS:

There are still some differences in the track and we have four-ish days before we get there. However, the data has been pretty consistent and it seems like snow will be happening somewhere in the region.

Pretty wild while it's been over a month since our last snow (February 13th, perhaps even longer for some areas) and we've set multiple high temperature records in between!

There are signs of a stronger storm sometime in the following week. There's a lot more inconsistency there but there will likely be more snow in the Northern Plains and/or Midwest.

This is not uncommon as March can produce some harsh winter weather! We also typically see our last inch of snow on average in mid- March!

Rebecca Kopelman


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