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A line of storms came and went early Sunday and the day ended up calm and "cool" (by late May standards). Memorial Day will start sunny and dry, temperatures will rise into the 70s:

A weak disturbance will move through and trigger a few scattered showers and storms in the afternoon. Something to be aware of if you have outdoor plans during the holiday:

Storms appear most likely between 2 to 7 pm and a few could be strong. A marginal risk (1 out of 5) for severe weather is painted for the area. Here's the latest from the National Weather Service out of the Quad Cities:

Some gusty winds and small hail will be possible. You may have to wait out storms for 15-20 minutes as they move through.

Tuesday through Thursday will be mostly dry with temperatures near and above normal. Tuesday will be sunny with highs near 70:

Wednesday will be in the low 70s:

Thursday will be warmer with mid 70s on the board:

The next chance for rain will be sometime late Friday into early Saturday. And the dry time will be good and needed. The recent rains has helped significantly with the drought, but there are many areas dealing with flooding and many rivers expected to rise in the coming days as water moves through the system. The Cedar River rose above flood stage in Cedar Rapids for the first time in 4 years.

Here are all of the rivers expected to rise (any not in green!) due to all of the rain.

Minor impacts expected with many of these, but a sign of change and reason why we could use a break in the rain!

Rebecca Kopelman


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