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There will be nice, comfortable weather to start the week, but humidity will creep back in and eventually so will storms. Temperatures will be near normal in the low 70s Monday and humidity will be low:

Temperatures will be in the 70s Tuesday with a bit more humidity. By Wednesday it'll be pretty toasty:

On Wednesday a cold front will enter northwest Iowa, that's where some strong storms may be:

A few showers and storms may travel to eastern Iowa and western Illinois overnight into Thursday morning:

Another front arrives on Thursday and will send temperatures into the 80s to low 90s:

Humidity will be high - it will feel sticky and uncomfortable:

That means there will be a lot of energy and moisture for storms as this front comes through. The CAPE (convective available potential energy) or instability will be quite high as a result:

This will lead to storms breaking out in the afternoon and evening and some storms could be strong to severe. Right now strong winds would be the primary threat, but a day to watch.

Summer is coming on back with the sizzle and the storms..

Rebecca Kopelman


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