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FEELING THE LOVE. Over the past two weeks thanks to your generous donations, we've been raising the funds necessary to cover the cost of this site. We are on our way and with your continued support we're going to make our goal. Still, we have a ways to go and I'm asking those of you that enjoy the insights and effort that goes into this site to consider a voluntary subscription. I'm asking $12.00 dollars for a year. That's $1 dollar a month or 3 cents a blog if you consider the fact there were 450 posts issued over the past year. The site requires a significant commitment of time and resources and every donation, whatever the size is deeply appreciated. I just need a little help to cover the expenses. Click on the link below if you can assist or or need additional information. I thank you for your support and consideration.

Slowly but surely we've been making strides in improving the drought conditions in the Midwest. The recent rain from this past weekend certainly helped make a dent in the very dry conditions.

Here's the latest drought monitor that was released Thursday morning:

The severe drought area (dark brown) shrunk in Iowa from 14.1% last week to 9.6% this week. The moderate drought area went from 45.1% to 34.9%. And getting this rain is important now because once winter hits we will not be able to work on the drought conditions with a frozen ground.

We had a good, steady rain on Thursday and rain will wind down into Friday. We'll have a windy and cool day with clouds gradually clearing. Winds may gust as high as 40 mph:

Temperatures will be slightly improved from Thursday, but still cool:

There will be more sunshine on Saturday and temperatures will be warmer.. in fact this may be the warmest day we see for a while:

Cooler air starts to move in on Halloween.. we'll be about 10 degrees cooler:

We'll have a cooler, drier pattern setting up into November:

We'll have below normal temperatures and below normal precipitation chances for the first week of November:

We'll see what the rest of November holds!



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