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Snow fell in parts of the Midwest Sunday and a few inches piled up in northwest Iowa, even covering the roads at times:

(Photo via Iowa DOT snow plow camera)

Some snow showers will linger into Monday morning across parts of Iowa and Illinois as a disturbance moves through:

Accumulation will be pretty minor, especially south of Highway 20:

Then even colder air settles in behind this front for Monday afternoon:

Temperatures will be close to records for Monday for the coldest high temperatures on October 26th, records will likely be set in areas where more snow fell. Same concept Monday night into Tuesday morning:

Tuesday remains cold but temperatures will gradually climb through the rest of the week. We go from having a big trough in the upper levels of the atmosphere (low pressure, generally colder weather):

To a big ridge (high pressure, warmer weather) by the end of the week:

Temperatures will get back into the 50s and even some 60s by the end of the week and early next week. Here's the temperature outlook from the Climate Prediction Center for November 2-8:

Maybe we will get a little fall, after all!


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