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Early in April we had a taste of real spring. Temperatures in the 70s and 80s, sunshine, and thunderstorms! Recently spring has been missing and is nowhere to be found. We've had freezing temperatures, frost, and now possible snow in the forecast!

Let's focus on the good for now... Sunday is going to be another nice day with temperatures in the 60s:

And that'll surely be something to enjoy because a cold front moves through on Monday and 24 hours later temperatures will be about 20 degrees cooler:

As the front comes through some light rain will be possible on Monday:

The front will sink down to the south and an area of low pressure will move along it Monday night into Tuesday. This -- combined with cooler temperatures --

Will lead to the potential for a wintry mix and some snow.

Before we talk about totals, let's talk about how odd this is. Now, on average the last measurable snow (0.1" or more) occurs around late March. The latest measurable snow in Cedar Rapids was May 11, 1966. The latest in the QC was April 30th, 1994.

Step that up to an inch of snow... we usually see our last inch happen around mid March. The latest in CR was April 29, 1996. The latest in the QC was April 23, 1967.

We had April snows in 2020, 2018, 2007, 2000, 2003... and several more. So this is unusual, but it's not quite record breaking (of course depending on HOW much falls)..

So let's get into some numbers. And do remember this is a GUIDE. There is still a lot of uncertainty on how cold it will be to support snow - and accumulation, the track of the storm can still change, too!

Here's the latest Euro:



And the big outlier of the NAM:

Right now it appears the greater chances for snowfall accumulation will be near and south of I-80, but that could still change based on the storm track.

A bit to resolve here still, but some late season snow is heading out way! RK


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