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Severe weather has not slowed down over the last two weeks across the country. In fact, the last ten days have had reports of severe weather -- eight of those days have included 100+ reports. This has unfortunately included some destructive and deadly storms.. and the atmosphere does not seem to be slowing down just yet.

A cold front will move through Texas and leas to the possibility of more strong storms on Sunday:

A stronger storm system will begin to move into the central U.S. once again on Monday:

Severe weather is expected in the same areas that have been slammed lately in Kansas and Oklahoma on Monday:

As the storm continues east the risk will shift with it over Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri on Tuesday:

This is highly uncertain due to the timing of the storms (particularly across Iowa). Storms will likely move through overnight Monday into Tuesday morning. There will be strong winds in the mid and upper levels of the atmosphere and a warm front lifting north, so some early storms could strengthen. However, the risk for severe weather may end up setting up east of the Mississippi.

The risk then shifts on Wednesday to the south and east:

In the meantime, the Upper Midwest will have a sunny and pleasant Sunday.

Temperatures will be bumped up on Monday ahead of the next storm:

Enjoy the dry time and hopefully we can get more rain without the severe weather.

Rebecca Kopelman


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