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Sunday had quite the spread in the Midwest.. a range in temperatures:

Much cooler in the spots locked in the clouds and rain all day. Now the rain is another situation with many staying dry and other spots dealing with flooding.

Now there could be a stray shower or storm Monday in the late morning/early afternoon in Iowa. Higher chances for rain will continue to the southeast in Illinois and Missouri:

Temperatures will be warmer across the board...

It will be sunny and hot on Tuesday:

There will then be another system that comes in late Wednesday through Thursday:

This likely brings more widespread rain to Iowa compared to what's happened recently, but there's some differences in the track and intensity of storms right now amongst the models. I certainly don't want to get anyone's hopes up because the long-range models have had trouble resolving these systems this far out. But I'll show you these two models just for comparisons sake.

Here's the Euro precipitation through Friday:

And the GFS:

Hopefully more rain gets to those who need it!



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