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Is Our Weather Changing?

Using my weather records that go back to January of 1960, I decided to see how much the weather has changed since 2000. I have a pretty good data base of temperatures, rainfall and snowfall.

The annual temperature since 2000 has warmed by 0.6 degrees with the greatest warming coming during the winter months. The winters are 1.6 degrees warmer than the previous period of 1960 to 1999. We have 4 less days with 0 degree readings. Since 2000, 596 temperature records were either tied or broken. The records for heat (374) surpassed the records for cold (222).

Our first day with a 70 degree reading is coming 4 days earlier than previously, the first 80 degree day is coming 12 days earlier and our first 90 degree day is 2 days earlier.

Our springs are 1.0 degree warmer than the previous period. This is what has led to the earlier blooming of plants. I kept track of the blooming dates of my