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Multiple rounds of storms moved through the region between Friday night through Saturday night. In between was a very hot and humid day on Saturday. Temperatures climbed into the 80s and 90s and heat index values surged into the triple digits. Even at 10 pm temperatures will still in the 80s:

Storms Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and Saturday night produced heavy rain and strong winds in the region. Here were the storm reports as of 10 pm:

This is all happening due to a strong cold front that will push through early Sunday. However, a lot of the early storms didn't make it into the area because of the heat. Warm air in overhead kept the atmosphere "capped" and kept the storms to the north of Iowa instead of diving southeast.

Some storms did develop late along the front and moved through overnight. There may still be some lingering showers until 7-8 am:

Temperatures will be down significantly from Saturday to Sunday afternoon:

Temperatures will be below normal in the low 80s:

Humidity levels will be lower as well with dew points 10 degrees lower:

Temperatures remain below normal on Monday and humidity will be on the lower side as well:

Temperatures will remain near and below normal - generally in the low 80s through much of the week. It will also be a mostly dry week with one cold front that will move through Tuesday night into Wednesday that may deliver some rain:

We'll get some relief from the heat for now but we're still in the dog days of summer!



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