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Our next storm is already in progres Monday morning with pockets of heavy rain and gusty winds. Thunderstorms are certainly possible along with the potential for some localized flash flooding and river flooding.

Rain will diminish and end by early afternoon but could be heavy at times. Despite that, temperatures will warm up again into the 40s and 50s:

We won't necessarily feel that warmth in its full capacity as the storm brings in strong winds up to 45 mph that will create a cooling effect.

The winds are due the fact that the low pressure system will cut right across the state. That will also bring enough energy for some thunderstorms. With high moisture levels in place and several hours of steady rain, it will lead to rain totals of an inch, perhaps more where thunderstorms enhance totals.

It's hard to say exactly where the heaviest rain set up, (the numbers above represent where the GFS thinks they will occur.). But where they do localized flash flooding and rises on area rivers will be possible. Especially thanks to recent active weather and snowmelt leading to saturated grounds. Even after this storm passes, temperatures stay very much on the mild side. Tuesday's highs will still be about 15 degrees above normal:

Another, weaker storm system will make a pass through Tuesday night and could deliver some light rain/wintry mix to the area:

And even after that we remain on the mild side through Wednesday:

There will be a stronger storm that passes through the central U.S. at the end of the week, but we'll have to keep an eye on the exact track. For now it appears is will pass just to the southeast bringing heavy snow to parts of central and northeast Illinois.

The bottom line is our weather remains active but mild into the coming week.

Roll weather...Rebecca Kopelman


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