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The flakes flew once again on Saturday night -- getting spots that didn't see as much snow (or any) with the last storm. Here's the snowfall totals through Sunday morning:

The week will start quiet and cloudy with temperatures sticking near/below the freezing mark:

Clouds remain Tuesday and temperatures will be slightly higher:

That will be a slight bump up ahead of a storm system that will arrive early Wednesday:

The center of the low pressure system will pass through southern Missouri, placing the heaviest snow south of the local area.

Here's a look at the snowfall totals on the Euro through Thursday morning:

The GFS:

The NAM:

I think the reality is likely closest to the European model with around 1-2" in the area and the heaviest snow down in portions of Missouri and Illinois. We still have a few days to sort out the exact track of the storm but some light snow is looking likely for now in the southeastern portions of Iowa into northwestern Illinois.

The pattern likely remains active... there's the potential for more snowfall with a system on Friday:

There's some additional systems next week and it looks like the flakes will continue to fly!



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