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The new weeks weather will be influenced heavily by a clipper that streak across the upper Midwest Monday. The track of the disturbance will play a major role in the type of weather any given area receives. As we see it now the surface low should cut across SE Minnesota on its way to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

That type of track will leave the majority of my area and the SW half of the Midwest in the warm sector. Here conditions will be dry and on the mild side. You can see highs pushing 40 into my southern counties with 50s and 60s further southwest.

North of the circulation center much colder temperatures and snow will rule the day. Much of NE Minnesota and Wisconsin stays in the teens and 20s and that’s where a healthy streak of snow is anticipated. The hi-res WRF shows this for snow accumulations.

The GFS has this for snow amounts.

The NAM this.

Following the clipper winds veer back to the north and the rest of the week northwest flow dominates the pattern. Here’s the 500mb flow that delivers Monday’s clipper.

The day 5-9 temperature departures look like this. The northern half of the country is under a cold dome of high pressure.

With the cold air in place and the jet undercutting the cold this weekend, there is some chance of accumulating snows over parts of the central Midwest. The GFS is showing the system with its snow below.

While the system has potential, models have been pretty erratic with the strength and track. About all I can say at this point is I will be anxiously awaiting new data and trends in the coming days. I haven’t had an inch of snow at my place since December 17th. How pathetic is that. Roll weather…TS

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