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It's no secret that this has been a dismal winter for snow over the central and southern Midwest. I've had 11" in Cedar Rapids and nearly half of that fell in one storm back in early December. The last 56 days (nearly 2 months) have seen 2.5". That's not easy to do and it clearly points out the lack of cold air since mid-December.

Up until a week ago most of the northeast had been in the same snow-less predicament. However, the past week the pattern flipped out that way and a blizzard a couple days ago dumped 5-20" over a wide swath of New England.

Now a new storm is set to hit only to be followed by another late week. Look at the snowfall that is forecast. Widespread 30-50" amounts from Vermont, New Hampshire, northern Massachusetts, into Maine.

Here's a closer view... If you'll excuse me I need to get a paper towel to wipe the drool off my chin. I am so jealous. Hey, please share the snow wealth and send a little my way. Roll weather...TS


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