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The last 14 days have been cool ones around the Midwest. Below normal temperatures that dominated the last week of April have carried over into May. Here's the temperature departure over that period.

But as is the way of nature things change. We are now set to turn the corner big time and move into a more summery pattern. Look at the departures forecast for the next 10 days. That's what I call a hard right turn!

Below you can see the jet stream pattern that will cause the reversal. An anomalously deep trough over the west and a ridge over the east.

Without a doubt this will be the warmest weather of the year. The EURO has this for highs next Tuesday.

Dew points are also projected to reach some of the highest levels of the year reaching well into the 60s. That will lead to much warmer nights and some mugginess we haven't dealt with to date.

You can also see the Gulf of Mexico opening up for business with PWATS (precipitable water vapor) reaching 1-2" over much of the central United States.

As I mentioned earlier, the warmth should be around for a pretty good stretch. The GFS 10 day meteograms for Cedar Rapids and the Quad Cities look like this. Keep in mind that the model has been undercutting maxes by several degrees recently so I think it's possible we end up even warmer with 5 consecutive days of 80 degree highs (Sunday-Thursday). Here the forecast the next 10 days in Cedar Rapids

The guidance in the Quad Cities looks like this.

This is also Mother's Day weekend and you can make your plans outside. My local area and much of the central Midwest can expect highs in the upper 70s to near 80. Just as important, skies will be sunny with no threat of rain. Dear old mom, this forecast is dedicated to you. You are the best! Roll weather...TS

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