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Nothing gets me fired up more than the snow season. Since I'm in withdrawal since the last time I saw a snowflake was last March, I'm hoping the coming winter is far better than the last...and the one before that, and the one before that!

Anyway, the EURO seasonal temperature forecasts are out and it shows the way into January. Before we get there, it's only prudent that I give summer and fall it's due. Here's what the model is painting for August, the final month of meteorological summer.

Considering the up and down swings of the summer so far, this would be a toasty end to the dog days! Moving on to September, October, and November we see this on the EURO. That would be an ideal fall which I'm totally fine with.

Then it comes time to get serious and December lays a foundation to be proud of. Take a look at the anomalies it forecasts for that month. I would take that in a minute.

Then, in a heartbeat the model switches gears and goes rogue on me in January. The whole North American continent is a warm potato. Hmmm, that does not sit well with me.

What's it all mean? It's pretty tough to say out 6 months but I do like the warmer trends August through October...maybe even into November showing above normal temperatures. Beyond that you are on your own for now. Roll weather...TS

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