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I was digging through some long range data when I came across a 500mb jet stream forecast by the EURO EPS control. I took one look at it and smiled from ear to ear. Lovers of the white gold, winter is back on the maps after a lengthy absence! Just look at this set-up September 27th. A site for sore eyes.

What you're seeing is a deep trough emerging from the Rockies on its way to International Falls, Minnesota. Chilly air is dumping into the Midwest ending what will be a 10 day stretch of mild weather. Another short wave is digging into Montana and that will reinforce and probably deepen the cold in the Midwest around October 1st.

Even more inspiring is the snow that's shown accumulating in the Rockies and northwestern high plains with the initial trough. Here's what the EURO shows for snow the next 10 days.

The GFS has this for 10 day accumulations.

The mean of the EURO weeklies is really getting into the winter spirit. It goes out through October 27th and shows this for total snowfall. Even some light (but measurable) snow as far south as NW Iowa. The snow pack is shown rapidly growing north of the border and that's important because it builds cold air over Canada. The more of that we see in October the better the chances for a decent winter over the Midwest.

Here you can see some of the initial cold entering the west behind the trough this weekend (Sunday).

These are the lows the EURO is forecasting Sunday morning.

While it may be warm around here most of the next 6-10 days, it's just a matter of time before Jack Frost puts and end to this years growing season. Make no mistake about it, the shorter days and weaker sun angle are doing their thing. The transition to fall is underway! Roll weather...TS

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