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As many of you know, Terry and I are "older" parents. Our daughter, Eden Malone, arrived more than 17 years after we said our first "I do's." Frankly having Eden at that point was our own personal "Hail Mary." But thanks to modern medicine, perseverance, and the amazing doctors at the infertility clinic at Iowa Hospitals, Eden finally arrived to much fanfare.

She made her television debut at two hours old.

Her first Christmas, she was ten months old. I decided to have her pose with Santa Claus through the years as a way to treasure her journey, and have something special to bring out every holiday season. So thank you to all the Santas' who helped make these moments special.

There was only one year when she was two that Eden refused to sit with Santa. But I improvised with her angel photo.

We stopped the "Santa" photos at age ten because she felt she had outgrown the whole experience and I agreed. But this year after bringing out the collection, I really wanted to add another one! So my 13-year-old tween humored me, and we have added a new Santa photo this year.

I love these photos. They now represent Eden age 0 through 10 and the bonus year....13! Maybe I'll get her to pose again with Santa at 16....19...22...well you get the idea.



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