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For several days now models have been consistently pointing towards an early week snow event for the majority of my area. Barring something extremely radical it looks like it's going to happen Monday into Monday evening. Wow, its been more than a month since a 2" snowfall for me! My yearly total stands at about 10"...that's 8" below normal.

As of late Saturday the Weather Prediction Center is showing 50% odds of 4 or more inches for the heart of my region.

The NWS in the Quad Cities shows this for the current snow bullseye.

Also, the NWS in the Quad Cities is advertising 72 hour amounts on this order. Essentially a broad swath through Iowa, southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois with 3 to 6" totals. A few spots could exceed 6" if banding sets up.

As it stands now, no advisories or warnings are in effect but they will start coming out Sunday. At the very least Winter Weather Advisories will be posted if the overnight data remains consistent.

I'll leave you with the latest snowfall forecasts as of late Saturday night through Tuesday night. First the EURO.

The regional perspective of the EURO.

The GFS.

The regional perspective of the GFS.

The NAM.

No doubt there will be some fine tuning and advisories Sunday. We'll keep you up to date with a mid-day post. In the meantime, have a super superbowl Sunday. Roll weather...TS

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