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While temperatures have improved around the Midwest, one thing that continues to plague my central and southern counties is a lack of precipitation. The 7 day totals look like this.

The past 2 weeks like this. Note the dryness in southern Iowa and northern Missouri.

Here's the month of April to date. In Cedar Rapids we are 2.1" below normal.

The past year has continued dry in the same general areas.

In Cedar Rapids the deficit over the past year has ballooned to 12.42". Dryness is growing from my area southwest into the Plains.

That 12.4" deficit is a very significant departure which needs to be turned around going into summer. Much of our annual moisture/precipitation needed for the growing season comes in the next 3 months. Some areas are already are on the verge of drought.

Short term there are some chances next week. The EURO has this for 10 day rainfall totals. Much of this would fall Tuesday/Wednesday.

Long term the EURO is not so bullish with 6 week totals below normal over most of the central and northern Midwest.

Things can change in a hurry but the next few weeks will be critical to replenish sub-soil moisture with the warmth of summer not far away. Roll weather...TS

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