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Far too frequently we've been talking talking about how unusually wet and soggy the weather has been over the central Midwest. September has had more than its share of deluges and the numbers are telling. Much of northern Iowa, southern Minnesota, and SW Wisconsin are having one of their wettest September's.

Here's a remarkable statistic. In Waterloo, Iowa the rainfall total for this September is now the largest on record for the site for any month! The 12.89 inches this September bests the previous largest total of 12.82 inches for July 1999. Having September as the wettest month on record is rare for a long term climate site in Iowa. Of the 113 long term sites tracked by the Iowa Mesonet, September was the wettest month on record for only 14 sites. The most common wettest month is June (41 sites)

Here's the September rain departures across Iowa.

Departures for the rest of the Midwest.

New Hampton, Iowa is vying for its wettest year on record with 54.68 inches of rain to date. Normal is 31.44"

With the wet weather soil moisture is far above normal as you can see in the anomalies below.

Most of northern Iowa ranks in the top 95-99% of soil moisture as of September 27th.