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We've been under a cool weather regime lately... which isn't unusual for the time of year. This is aided by longer nights and shorter days. Here's an example in Cedar Rapids. We're still losing around two and a half minutes a day.

We're still losing daylight for another two months (until December 22). Even though we're losing daylight it's not the coldest time of year due to "seasonal delay."  

Temperatures are coldest in December, January and February. 

According to Iowa State University, "The reason for this delay between maximum heating and maximum heat (temperature) is that it takes time to warm up the ground. Similarly, in the winter, heat stored in the ground gradually leaks out, giving us our coldest weather in January and not in December, when the shortest day occurs."

But it's still cool out there! Saturday morning was the coldest morning of the season.

This was actually the coldest morning since April 10th. And in general temperatures are going to be near and below normal through the week.

The weather is also going to be pretty calm. Here's the seven day rainfall outlook: 

Not much going on over the next week or so... just staying cool and losing daylight! 


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