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I was doing a bit of traveling around eastern Iowa the past few days and I noticed the number of corn and bean fields picked is steadily going up. The dry frosty weather has certainly helped farmers in my local area recover from a slow start to the 2018 harvest. Over the past 12 days only .04" of rain has fallen here in Cedar Rapids. The previous 11 days, 3.56" fell on top of the 6.70" that rained down in September. The dry spell has been a godsend and well deserved.

The past 7 days have seen below normal precipitation over the majority of the Midwest.

October has turned chilly as well. Since the 11th, 8 of the past 12 days lows have hit 32 or colder. 4 lows have dipped into the 20s with the coldest Sunday at 21 degrees! Here's the temperature departures the past 14 days.

The October departures to date.

Going forward the trend of cooler weather overall should be with us the rest of October. Here's the day 0-5 temperatures departures forecast by the EURO.

Days 5-10 look like this.

Early November should see warming as the east coast trough retrogrades to the west. It produces above normal departures in the 10-15 day period.

Precipitation continues to look pretty meager the rest of this week. Starting this weekend the pattern should become more favorable for increasing amounts. This is the EURO EPS ensemble mean 15 day precipitation forecast.

Late in the period it even shows some scattered light snow or flurries. Nothing that looks significant in my area, if it even happens.

Meantime Tuesday looks to be another sunny good harvest day. Temperatures will be cooler but only a few degrees below what's normal. Enjoy what's left of the fall colors which are currently peaking here. Roll weather...TS

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