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Snow fell across the Upper Midwest Friday night through Saturday. Snow showers continued near and south of I-80 through the day Saturday. This clipper delivered around 1 to 5" of the white powder to the Midwest. Snowfall totals from Saturday morning:

And then additional reports from Saturday afternoon:

Now the snow is winding down and cold air will settle in for the end of the weekend and start of next week. High pressure will be in overhead and deliver cold nights and cool afternoons.

Temperatures will be coldest Sunday morning, down in the teens. It'll be colder where more of the snow has fallen.

With the high pressure in overhead, skies will clear Saturday night into Sunday morning and there will be plenty of sunshine Sunday. Despite that, it will still be cold in the afternoon, with temperatures running around 10-20 degrees below normal.

The reason why it will be so cold has to do with the snow and what's called the albedo effect.

The white, bright snow reflects a lot of the sun's energy. Compared to bare ground, which absorbs most of the sun's warmth. Eventually the sun will chip away at the snow and temperatures will gradually warm as we head into next week.

Much of the snow will melt away by midweek and temperatures will get back toward seasonal values.

On top of the gradual warming it will be dry through Thanksgiving. Here's the five day rainfall forecast: