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The entire month of November has been below normal so far across the Midwest.

In Cedar Rapids temperatures are around 8 degrees below normal for the month. Each day has been below normal and the streak continued Sunday. With snow on the ground full on sunshine couldn't even get temperatures to the 30 degree mark!

Temperatures are around 10-20 degrees below normal - this time of year temperatures are typically in the mid to upper 40s! The snow is to blame (as we talked about in my last post- albedo effect). With the clear skies we can get a look at the snow on the ground with visible satellite imagery.

You can see the snow from southern Minnesota into Iowa and then another streak across southern Iowa. Clouds have a thicker look to them, moving through Missouri, Illinois and Indiana on Sunday afternoon.

There will be plenty of sunshine once again Monday, but with the snow on the ground temperatures will struggle to get to the freezing mark.

The trough that is in overhead will eventually be replaced by a ridge midweek.

With a southerly flow at the surface that will allow for temperatures to warm up to seasonal values by Thanksgiving. Temperatures will likely get above normal, for the first time this month, by the end of the week.

The warm up likely doesn't last long. Check out this long range outlook from the Climate Prediction Center through the first two weeks of December.

We'll gradually warm up, but it looks like the chill won't be gone long.


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