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Snow in Muscatine Sunday evening, via John Miller

Heavy snow is still falling in the Midwest tonight. It will continue to move east and eventually come to an end. Cold air has already moved in and it will be even colder where the heavy snow has fallen.

As of 6:30 pm here's the snowfall totals across the Midwest:

And a zoomed in on my local area: NOTE: This map is a rough contour and showing snow too far north. Most of the snow stayed south of Highway 30.

Check out that sharp gradient! Literally miles (around 30 miles) between several inches of snow and NOTHING! That is why this storm was so difficult to forecast. Dry air on the north side of the system prevented snow development and kept the snow in the south. That, along with difficulty in determing the exact track, made it hard to predict where the sharp cutoff would be. But, boy is this impressive! A blizzard in the southern third of the state, with everyone else in a cloudy, cold, windy day.

Snow will end from west to east... But snowfall rates of 2-3" an hour were occurring the east of the Mississippi Sunday evening with reports of thundersnow.

Here's the latest from the HRRR on the snow to come...

Now we haven't talked much about what comes next. The week will start pretty calm behind this storm. As the storm moves east and high pressure moves in, it will still be breezy Monday.

Blowing snow will likely still be an issue through the day Monday (where there is snow on the ground, of course). Winds will be around 15-30 mph and winds will relax Monday night. It will be sunny Monday afternoon, but it will be cold.

As the skies stay clear and those winds calm down temperatures will drop down into the single digits (where the snow is) and teens elsewhere by Tuesday morning -

There will be little to no precipitation through Wednesday next week. Temperatures will likely remain near and below the freezing mark throughout the week too.


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