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Another winter storm is moving through my area. Now is the time and let it all unfold. Snow will be falling through the day Sunday and pile on to an already above normal winter.

Here's some of the snowfall totals from the storm already - as of 11:30 pm Saturday night.

Just telling of how much moisture is with this storm. And there are some areas that were reporting snowfall rates of around an inch an hour! Snow will be heaviest overnight through Sunday morning and then light to moderate snow will continue through the rest of the day.

Here's an animation of the storm Saturday night through early Monday morning:

The latest forecast from the HRRR:

The NAM:

Hi-resolution NAM:


And the Euro:

There's pretty good consistency on 3-8" across Iowa with 1-4" into Illinois and Wisconsin. Several inches of snow falling in areas with several inches of snow on the ground.

It will then be cold and calm for much of Monday and Tuesday. Our next storm comes down the pike Tuesday night into Wednesday and will bring more snow to the Midwest.

That storm will have to be watched, but could put down several more inches during the middle of the week - continuing this impressive, snowy pattern....

So far Cedar Rapids has had 35" of snow this season. Compare that to average, we typically have 31.5" in a whole winter! And most of that snow came in a month's time! Now compare that to last winter, where 41.6" of snow fell over the entire season and it snowed into April. We could be exceeding last season's totals by Sunday, if not by next week.

We can talk even higher numbers in the Quad Cities. Moline has had 52.4" of snow so far this season, which is 20.7" above the SEASONAL average of 31.7"!! It's also 10" more than last winter's snowfall of 41.7".

Just some incredible numbers so far this winter. And we all know we're not done with winter yet....


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