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It may be cool right now, but that will be changing once again. Temperatures are expected to be above normal over the next two weeks across all of the Midwest.

As the mild air comes back there is snow that will be melting and draining into the rivers once again.

That snowpack still holds several inches of water and will cause additional rises on the Mississippi.

Minnesota has already lost a lot of snow that is flowing through the Mississippi now.

Here's the current forecast for Dubuque through next Sunday. Right now the expected crest would check in at the 10th highest on record.

Rock Island is also expecting another major flood stage crest next weekend. 20 feet would be the 9th highest on record there.

Muscatine is also in major flood stage and will rise even higher over the next week. This would be the ninth highest crest.

These crests could end up going higher if any more water gets into the river system. Rain is the wild card right now and it does appear the pattern will be turning more active over the next week or so.

There is still uncertainty in exactly where these storms track and how much rain falls. Any rain will just prolong the flooding on the rivers and lead to even higher crests over the next two weeks.


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