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Winter is hopefully breathing it's last breath this weekend. The snow has stopped and now is going to deliver a bitter freeze Sunday morning. First, let's talk about the snow..

Waterloo, Iowa broke their record for the snowiest winter on Saturday. Prior to this storm they only needed 0.2" to break the record and picked up around 0.7". The seasonal total of 60" broke the record of 51.4" set in the 1961-62 winter.

Here's the snowfall totals in Iowa:

A couple of things kept the snowfall totals down. Dry air started eroding precipitation out west and warmer ground temperatures prevented accumulation. There were white out conditions at times and periods of heavy rain and snow..

Here's a view of the snow across the Midwest...

This will be a winter we won't forget... and seemingly a one that will never end. There is hope, though. This should be the last snow event until November... maybe December. The temperatures won't jump right back to spring, unfortunately.

Sunday morning will be cold and likely record breaking in spots, especially in the snowpack:

Even with sunshine Sunday temperatures will struggle to rise in the afternoon...

There will just be a brief break Sunday because the next storm moves in Monday.

There will be several rounds of rain next week with temperatures near and slightly below normal (in the 50s and 60s). We'll talk more details in the next post...

Goodbye, winter! Hopefully...


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