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Hello everyone. I've added a few more subscribers as the push continues to meet my fund raising goal. (I need only 109 more of you). As you know this is a voluntary subscription fee and it's very special when any of you digs into your funds out of respect for the product. Going forward, my goal is to be my own boss and control my future without the demands and constraints of the corporate world. I want to grow this site, add new features, and share my passion for weather with you. So it is that I ask for a voluntary fee of $12 dollars a year ($1 dollar per month) to make it happen. The future of the site is dependent on your contributions. We hope you see the value and hard work that exists in the daily content. Rest assured there are new features that are in development that I think you will enjoy. Thank you so much for your consideration and help. To subscribe click on the secure green box below. Roll weather.


If your costume is Santa Clause, a reindeer, an elf, or even a polar bear, nobody will think twice about it this year as Halloween has really played a a ghoulish trick on us. While the snow will be ending by early afternoon in most areas, the cold will just be ramping up. No matter how you slice it, today's weather will have the look and feel of Christmas. Ho Ho Ho...

As far as the snow goes in my area, that will be winding down in eastern Iowa this morning before ending east of the Mississippi this afternoon. It will be completely finished by the time trick or treating gets underway. This is what the HRRR 3K shows for additional snow from 5:00am to 5:00pm.

The EURO looks very similar with this for the same time period.

With clouds, some snow, and snow on the ground, temperatures are going to have a tough time getting much above freezing Thursday. As I've been saying over and over, highs will be near the coldest ever recorded on Halloween across much of my area and the Midwest. Just to give you and idea, the last time the Quad Cities had a high in the 30s on Halloween was 1951 (that will happen). The all-time coldest high was 34 in 1874! (that will be a close one, within a degree or two).

Halloween Temperature Information:

Coldest high temperature on Halloween:

Moline 34 (1874) Dubuque 31 (1996)

The last Halloween with a high in the 30s:

Moline 1951 (39) Dubuque 2017 (35)

Coldest low temperature on Halloween:

Moline 21 (1913) Dubuque 19 (1954)

For trick or treating, here's some temperatures to prepare for. In general readings start near freezing at 5 and drop into the low to mid 20s by 8pm.





There will be enough of a breeze for significant wind chills. They start in the low to mid 20s and fall into the low to mid teens by 8pm

5pm wind chills:

8pm wind chills:

After this storm pulls out another fast moving disturbance could bring some brief rain or snow showers Friday afternoon. These will be fast moving and light and will serve to reinforce the cold air again for the weekend. However, Saturday and Sunday do look to be dry but very chilly.

I'll wrap this up by saying temperatures look to remain well below normal now until at least the 10th of November if not longer. The GEFS ensembles show this for 5 day temperature departures out through November 15th

Days 0-5

Days 5-10

Days 10-15

With the strong NW flow moisture should be limited and overall precipitation is likely to average below normal. This are the 16 day departures on the GEFS ensembles.

OK, it's been a long few days and I am burnt to a crisp. Snow forecasting is a challenging business. Roll weather and by all means, have a happy and safe Halloween...TS

P.S. Go easy on the candy!

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