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Winter took a big break from us. A lot of us haven't seen much in the way of snow for the last two weeks. During that time we've had some incredibly mild temperatures. Check out the temperature departures of the last week:

We're about to get a reality check with temperatures going back to "normal" levels for this time of year. This comes behind yesterday's storm system. It was also the first time in over two weeks that we've gotten any precipitation in much of my local area. And we got a lot of rain!

Temperatures peaked in the 50s Saturday night into Sunday morning and now colder air is moving on in. Here's a look at the temperatures as of 7pm Sunday:

Temperatures will end up around the freezing mark Monday afternoon (just a few degrees above normal).

On the back side of this weekend's storm system some snow showers will wrap in Sunday night into Monday (as temperatures drop).

Snowfall accumulation will be pretty light across Iowa and Illinois...

These totals may change some depending on how fast temperatures get below freezing/how cold it gets.

Winter makes this brief return with the cold air sticking around Tuesday...

But we're back above normal for the first day of the new year.

Whether you love it or hate it, winter is making a comeback... but it is going to be a short visit this time!

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