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This Saturday is the 60th Anniversary Celebration at Chestnut Mountain Resort In Galena. If you are looking for some family fun like me...put it on your to do list right now. During the day the Big Nut Open Ski and Snowboard Competition is going on with some of the best talent in the Midwest participating. The fires will be lit and the food and drinks flowing inside the resort. At night live entertainment is planned with Bowman Pickney and Evans providing the music from 8-11pm. Top that off with the Torchlight Parade and Fireworks over the mountain at 10pm. and you've got yourself a top notch winter day. I plan to be a part of it with some live remotes and videos. I hope to see you on the slopes this Saturday at Chestnut Mountain, the Midwest's Premier Year Round Resort!


Some snow tried to get going in my southern counties earlier in the day and some spots like Burlington did catch and inch of so but at least for now, most of the has moved on. The question now is whether or not it can re-develop and if so how much can it put down tonight in my southeastern counties?

One of the issues the snow has been battling today is warm boundary layer temperatures. It's plenty cold aloft for snow but down at the surface readings have been in the mid 30s. That and warm ground conditions have been keeping a lot of the accumulations confined to grassy and elevated surfaces.

Early tonight one more round of energy should kick up some more light snow but it looks like the majority of this will fall from WC Illinois east. The northwest edge of the snow shield might make it to the Mississippi and as far NW as the Quad Cities but little more than a dusting is likely there. In the far southeast another inch is possible from Macomb to Princeton but that might even be a push. The main thrust will be in central and EC Illinois into NW Indiana where more than 6" is possible.

Here's the latest radar

These are the latest snowfall forecasts. They do include a bit of what fell this morning in the far south.



The 12K NAM

The 3k NAM

The NWS still has winter weather advisories out but I don't think much is going to come of those unless you're past Galesburg and Princeton well into central Illinois.

The NWS has this for accumulations but the majority of this has likely already fallen. Again there could be a dusting around the Quad Cities later this evening but that's far from certain.

To be honest, for most of us the biggest impacts of the storm from here on out will be the brisk winds on its backside and the colder air it tugs in the remainder of the week. Highs should stay near or a bit below freezing through Friday. By Sunday, we should be back into the 40s! Roll weather...TS

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We have a brand new weather school planned for April 4th. This one is called Severe Storms 101. If you want to know more about the ins and outs of severe thunderstorms and how to forecast them this will be a great introductory session. There will be event simulations and a big focus on tornadoes. Some tips on chasing them as well. Aside from that there will be in depth focus on the 1968 EF5 Charles City tornado outbreak, the Parkersburg EF5 of 2008, and the rare mid-November EF4 Washington, Illinois twister that occurred November 17, 2013. Lots of compelling video and insights presented by 3 meteorologists. Contact to sign up or click on the more details button in the graphic above to find out more!

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