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Saturday was a nice day with some clouds, some sprinkles, and humidity slightly on the rise. A warm front will be lifting north into Sunday morning, leading to some showers and thunderstorms.

Some rain may linger early Sunday and then temperatures take off -

Humidity will be going up with dew points about 10 degrees higher than Sunday:

As a result, it will feel more like 100 degrees in the afternoon:

Monday will be another hot and humid day:

And another day in the 90s on Tuesday:

A big area of high pressure will be in place in the upper levels of the atmosphere - just a lot of hot air above our heads:

With winds out of the south at the surface, it's going to be toasty and sticky! There will be some showers and storms Tuesday night into Wednesday:

There may be some isolated showers and storms through the end of the week with the heat still in tact.

Rebecca Kopelman


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