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It's been a cold weekend. Snow is on the ground and temperatures dropped into the single digits Sunday morning. This is just the beginning of what will be a brutal week of cold, snow, and wind. It's too soon still to know exactly where the heaviest snow will set up, even as trends hold here recently.

  1. I am still cautious sitting 4-5 days out from a storm on location and snowfall amounts

  2. The models still need to resolve the very cold air coming and that could change the track of this storm

  3. REGARDLESS there will be impactful weather ahead of the Christmas holiday weekend SOMEWHERE in the Midwest

  4. ALSO REGARDLESS it will be getting VERY, VERY cold

Let's break down the week ahead because we still have a few days before this storm hits.

A little storm system will move through Monday and bring in the chance for light snow late Monday into early Tuesday:

Snowfall totals will be fairly minor, but accumulation will be quick and lead to slick roads Monday evening:

Arctic air will begin to move in and temperatures will remain below freezing on Tuesday:

There will be a slight push of some warmer air Wednesday before the storm arrives:

Snow will begin to arrive late Wednesday into Thursday and with the cold air in place it will be powdery and add up quickly:

You can see the far reaching extend of the snow as well. Snow will continue into Thursday and could be terribly heavy (once again the location of this could change so we're focusing on trends):

Snow is one issue, but the other issue will be the winds. Some models are showing this storm wrap up and could deliver even stronger winds on Friday:

Strong winds could lead to ground blizzard conditions on Friday:

This could lead to roads being impassable... potentially impossible travel where the snow falls.

Just to give you an idea of the brutal cold behind this thing -- here's the projected high temperatures for Friday:

This could of course change by a few degrees but will still be insanely cold.

We'll keep watching the trends!



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