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When you get 20+ inches of snow in a week it doesn't come without more consequence. Arctic air spilled into the Midwest behind the blizzard that felt like it would never end... Temperatures Sunday evening stand well below zero:

High temperatures Sunday were well below zero, the coldest we've seen since the polar air outbreak in January 2019.

Temperatures are going down well below zero by sunrise Monday:

And of course the wind is making it feel that much worse. Wind chills (what it will actually feel like) will be at dangerous levels:

In these conditions frostbite can occur within 10 minutes with any exposed skin. And the cold isn't going anywhere too quickly. Temperatures will stay below zero Monday afternoon:

And Tuesday afternoon some of us may get close to zero....

And then FINALLY we will get into the double digits ABOVE zero on Wednesday:

The start of the week is quiet - thankfully - but it will be very cold. There is the chance for another shot of light snow on Thursday:

With how cold it is, this would be some pretty fluffy snow and could add up to an inch or two. Nothing we can't handle after this last week!

Stay warm!

Rebecca Kopelman


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