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Tuesday morning was disgustingly cold around the central Midwest. So chilly that record lows were established in Cedar Rapids and Burlington. Most other cities were within 1-3 degrees of their daily records as well.

That's the 2nd record low for Cedar Rapids in just a weeks time. Last Tuesday they hit 19 and this week it was 22. So far 19 of the months 26 days have seen lows at or below 32. That's enough of that stuff!

Here's some of lows from around Iowa Tuesday morning. Several 19's reported in NW Iowa.

As frisky as it was, lows of 32 are not at all uncommon on late April. What is (is the enduring cold), which has prevailed the majority of the month. As you can see, the average date of the last freeze typically occurs between April 10th and 30th from south to north around the majority of my area.

When it comes to all-time spring cold, Belle Plaine, Iowa and Morrison, Illinois share the honor of the latest spring freeze in my area. Both hit 32 May 31st. Belle Plaine did it in1963 and Morrison in 1996. If that happens this year I'll lose my mind....just say no to cold!

We are in for another cold start Wednesday. Near and north of HWY 30 a freeze warning is in effect until 8:00am. The majority of my counties further south are under frost advisories. I think we'll see enough of a breeze and clouds by morning to mitigate the impacts of the cold on tender plants, buds, and flowers.