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The sun finally returned on Saturday and temperatures warmed up into the 50s... the warmest we've been in two weeks!

Sunday will be even warmer with plenty of sunshine:

Our first storm system will move through late Sunday into early Monday, brining clouds back into the region as well as some showers and thunderstorms. There's still some uncertainty on the exact placement -- this is the HRRR, but other models have the precipitation further south.

Temperatures will still be mild, even if it does rain:

Then comes the tricky part. A springtime storm system will develop to our southwest and move through the country. A multi-day severe weather outbreak is possible, beginning on Monday. Here's the outlook from the Storm Prediction Center:

The threat will migrate to the north and the SPC has this outlook for Tuesday:

The warm front will be lifting north through Iowa and lead to the potential for strong to severe thunderstorms:

The greater tornado potential will likely be to our south but there will be the possibility of gusty winds and hail. Tornadoes can't completely be ruled out, especially with a warm front in the vicinity. The severe threat then expands a bit further to the east on Wednesday:

Strong to severe thunderstorms are likely, with all severe weather on the board - tornadoes, hail, and damaging winds. There's still some uncertainty on the placement of everything, but it appears storms will be likely in the region:

We'll continue to update you as the details become more clear.



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